ProGlas: On June 3rd, we continue the fight for systemic changes

On December 30th, along with thousands of citizens, ProGlas declared that it "does not accept" the humiliation caused by electoral theft in the December elections.

In that spirit, in the following months, we made enormous efforts to, in a united front with the united opposition, achieve the minimum conditions for free and fair elections. We were on the right track to achieve that. To our great regret, at a critical moment, the unity of the opposition was disrupted. ProGlas considers such decisions by political parties to be an extremely poor outcome. We have always primarily addressed the part of the electorate that is for change. Now that even those voters are divided, we believe that any action we take would be interpreted in relation to these new divisions, and arbitration or mere participation in daily political struggles has never been, nor will it be, our goal.

We are convinced that it will take a lot of effort to once again unite citizens into a unified front for real change in Serbia. ProGlas will dedicate itself to this in the coming period. Therefore, in accordance with our principles, ProGlas will not appear in public until June 3rd. After that, we will continue the fight for systemic changes in this society.