SYSTEMIC FRAUD: A documentary film about electoral theft

"The manipulations that marked the elections on December 17, from voter migration to vote-buying and media spins, are depicted in the documentary film 'Systemic Fraud,' produced by the ProGlas team..

As an important document of our time, the film 'Systemic Fraud' testifies not only to how compromised the electoral process in Serbia is but also emphasizes the importance of persisting in the fight for somewhat normal election conditions.

The following electoral manipulations are addressed in the film:

1. Manipulation with the election calendar (premature and partial election announcements motivated by political opportunism and opportunities for voter migration)

2. Manipulations with electoral lists (nominating illegitimate lists by falsifying signatures of support)

3. Manipulative voter migration, i.e., secure votes for influencing the outcomes of local elections - illegal change of residence

4. Bulgarian Train

5. Vote buying

6. Organized transportation of voters (likely migrated secure votes)

7. Media relativization and spinning of allegations of electoral fraud

8. Unsupervised and illegal interventions in the voter registry (manipulation of passive voters and registration and deletion of voters outside regulated procedures)

9. Intimidation of voters and observers

Watch the film in the video attachment.